Porsche 991 Turbocharged Carrera or 996 Turbo?

08/15/2016 14:58:09
Porsche 991 Turbocharged Carrera or 996 Turbo?
We can't stop wondering where the progress has brought us, talking about the automotive world, let's make a comparison between 991 Carrera S and 966 Turbo!

We can't stop wondering where the progress has brought us, talking about the automotive world, have you at least made a comparison between BMW M3 and the E30 version? All those exotic cars from like 10 years ago, could easily get blown into the weeds if they could meet up a modern BMW hatchback. In oder to show you that we've decided to make some comparison between these two models, 991.2 911 Porsche Carrera S and 966 911 Turbo.



By looking at its interior and design, you don't really find so many differences that could make one of them better. Of course there are some minor key differences, and some details like the 996's "fried egg" headlights, even so the 991 looks a bit more muscular, with those bulging arches and gob-full-of-grilles look, and of course the GT3 wheels on the 996. The older model feels a bit cheaper than the new one, even with the low miles on the clock, the interior feels a bit worn. The leather trim on the dashboard, leaves a weird bobbly effect. Of course, the quality seems worse, but the 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat-six is good enough to make you forget about that. The 991 model is very quick, while the 996 version after you press the pedal right to the floor in second gear, will make you feel like nothing is happening. But wait a second, and at 4000rpm, you'll get pinned back by the turbo and will go faster than ever. This power still isn't enough to overwhelm the four-wheel drive system.


The 996's drive can be called dissapointing only by paying attention at the gearbox, of course after comparing it to the short-shifting seven-speed box in the Carrera S. After you step out from the modern model into the older one, you'll probably complaint that its a lot softer, but wait a minute, it's not gonna happen with the 996 Turbo, cause it seems really tight. Peak torque come in below 2000 rpm, and it's after just 2500 rpm that things start to get jolly exciting. The 911 model is a downsized turbo unit, replacing a big old 3.8-litre naturally-aspired lump, but it's stupidly impressive, with a distinctive flat-six clatter in the low end. But there is still, something missing here, a redline beyond 8000 rpm, the peak comes in at 6500rpm and the redline is at 7200, but that's a small price to pay. The best manual gearbox goes up to the 991 model, because unlike the 996 one the change here is short and joyfully precise.



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